Brandy Bell of Keeping Good Co.


My heart for the show is the same as everything else we do at So. Bell & Co. We want to encourage, empower, and equip our viewers with a uniquely different show that will inspire them to have an impact in their own communities. I think West Texas has a lot we can model for others, with our zeal for neighboring, natural propensity for hard work, and an overcoming spirit. We also want the world to see that the real value of our region lies above ground. When you ask someone why they love West Texas, they immediately say it’s because of the people. We agree. And we want to showcase this. On a personal note, having lived all over the country, I am convinced that there is something truly special about our West Texas community. The depth of character, desire to help others, and strong sense of pride is unparalleled. And our world needs more of this.